Wessels Grootverbruik BV in Heteren
Groothandel groente en fruit

The history of Wessels Grootverbruik BV

Around 1910, the family business Wessels Grootverbruik was founded as a vegetable wholesaler in Wageningen. The second generation soon began to supply fruit by horse and cart. The third generation took this further, and also started selling fruit and vegetables from shops in Wageningen, Renkum and Arnhem. As a result, the produce turnover rate increased, and thus a wholesaler was established in Renkum, too. The fourth – and current – generation has expanded these wholesale activities even further, and delivers to catering companies and care institutions throughout the region. Following a temporary merger, the family company has again pursued the old tradition from the current location in Heteren since 2003.

Pim Wessels

Pim is 49 and has been working at the family firm since the 1980s. He represents the fourth generation. Pim is the numbers man. He keeps an eye on the company finances and is a top-notch networker. He has close contact with the hospitality industry and various care institutions. He is also responsible for selling and purchasing.

Call Pim directly: +31 (0)6 - 53 154 118

horecaleverancier van aardappel

Enno Reijnen

Enno took the first step in his career in 1998 with an apprenticeship at Van Dijk Wessels. Following his apprenticeship, he continued working as a quality manager. Wessels merged with Van Dijn Renkum in 1999. In 2003, Pim left the merger and continued the family tradition. Enno followed him a year later, and become co-owner of Wessels Grootverbruik.

Enno, now 35, ensures things run without a hitch within the company. He sees to it that food safety is guaranteed and is furthermore responsible for tapping into new markets, sales and applying new techniques.

Call Enno directly: +31 (0)6 - 27 066 724

groente en fruit

Wessels Grootverbruik has it

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