Wessels Grootverbruik BV in Heteren

Wholesale of potatoes, fruit and vegetables for catering and care institutions

We also provide deliveries to the hospitality industry and care institutions six days a week. The entire PVF package corresponds to the options (sliced and unsliced) for hospitality and care. From peeled table potatoes to fresh truffles from Italy, and from peeled mini bunched carrots to sliced endive, our range has everything. What's more, we also have our entire range of fruit in stock. You can order five apples from us, but also 15 boxes of strawberries; or how about delicious fresh fruit salad? That can also be ordered from Wessels Grootverbruik BV.

 Groothandel groente en fruit

We really do what customers ask

We produce seven days a week, and transport products seven days a week.

groothandel Wessels Grootverbruik BV

Social responsibility of Wessels Grootverbruik BV

At Wessels Grootverbruik BV, we believe sustainable enterprise is of the utmost importance, now and in the future. We constantly seek out the ideal balance between the environment, and social and economic interests. The CSR report details the sustainability policy of Wessels Grootverbruik BV.