Wessels Grootverbruik BV in Heteren

Fresh fruit and vegetables with smart sourcing all year round

By using various purchasing channels and collaborating with wholesalers, we can provide you with our complete range of fresh produce throughout the year. For major purchases or production orders, we have the option of importing products from Spain ourselves.


groothandel Wessels Grootverbruik BV

Wessels Grootverbruik BV’s purchasing channels

We purchase our products through various channels:

Auctions: we have brokers at two auctions who know what produce our customers are interested in. It all boils down to years of experience and daily consultation.

Importers (winter period): through established relationships with a number of larger importers, we are ensured fresh products at a competitive price. A portion of this range is purchased on a contract basis. This means that if desired, our customers can benefit from fixed prices. 

Growers (summer period): we buy a great deal of produce from growers. This keeps lines short and we’re able to adjust the range when the market requires it. This might involve quantities, variety, cultivation method and location. Wessels collaborates with, for example, specialised growers for leafy vegetables and types of cabbage. 80% of the acreage is cultivated by us. At the start of the season we jointly determine which vegetables and varieties are cultivated in what quantities.

From field to customer in one day

The fields are around 10 kilometres away from Wessels Grootverbruik BV. This means we’re able to provide you with produce in one day.

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